Welcome to the Sierra Plan Room.  The Sierra Plan Room is a service making construction plans available to contractors & suppliers for bidding purposes.  By procuring plans from developers, owners, contractors, & architects, we are able to save contractors & suppliers time & money.


Weekly bulletin with daily updates with new project information, addendums, etc.

Planning Commission Agendas with information on Projects up for governmental approval published in the weekly bulletin.  We look up as much information on the project as possible, i.e. address of property, name of owner, parcel number.  This includes City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas and City of Henderson

PERMITS published on our website.   This includes City of Las Vegas, Clark County, City of North Las Vegas and City of Henderson

Free Construction Referrals -- We are a FREE contractor's referral service.  Let us know If you need a contractor, architect, subcontractor, construction supplier, etc.

Free bid service for the builder to obtain bids from suppliers and subcontractors

ATTENTION BIDDERS:  At just $1.44 a day, we chase down the projects and try to procure the plans so you don't spend all your time on the phone or in your car.  Do you spend more than $1.44  per day in time or gas?  What about your staff?

ATTENTION BUILDERS: There is NO CHARGE to developers, contractors, architects, or owners who are seeking contractor, supplier or subcontractor bids.  We are an extension of your office and we are free for you to get bids.  Let us help you out.  If you have certain contractors, suppliers or subcontractors you work with that need to look at the plans, have them call us & we will make arrangements for them to bid.  Send the pdf files to our email sierraplanroom@yahoo.com

OFFICE HOURS (Online only

Monday through Thursday  9:00 am to 4:00. 

OUR HISTORY: We started our business in 1994 and the owner, Cindy Vogel, has been in the construction industry since 1980 with experience in construction purchasing, contract writing/ negotiating, project management and customer service.  She has been in charge of building tracts, custom homes, commercial and hospital projects.  She worked for Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Raznick & Sons, ASL Financial/ Fish Const., and Western Pacific in California. 

CONSTRUCTION DIRECTORY:  We publish a construction directory at www.Construction22.com which contains the company, address and phone for many local contractors, consultants, suppliers, services.  We publish the book once a year in January.  Reserve your spot now for the next issue.

WEBSITE:  www.construction22.com -- Our website covers mostly Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Utah, but we also publish projects in the entire U.S.





Construction Information Specializing in Nevada, Arizona, California, Washington, 
Oregon, Idaho and Utah.  We serve the entire U.S.

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