Welcome to the Sierra Plan Room.  You will receive an email every Thursday or Friday, when the new bulletin is completed.
You click on the link provided and it takes you to our secret website.  Open the Weekly bulletin first
as it has all the information on each project, i.e. description, bid date, where to send your bid.  They
are sorted by type of project.  The newest project is the first listed under each category.

If there is not a specific bid date, always call the builder or owner before you spend any time on the job, as they may have finished bidding, or not received their funding, or let a contract.  The first section of the bulletin are all the projects we have out for bid.  (Please, if you find a "dead" project, please bring it to our attention.  At the end of this first section, in purple, is a list of builders, owners, etc. that you should send your company resume to.  They will check your references, etc. and call you directly when they have a project up for bid.  There is a sample resume you can use as a guide to create your own resume. 

The 2nd section are the Planning Commission Agendas.  They are before the permit stage, so you will know
all the projects coming up before anyone else.  At the beginning of the section it explains how to track down the project.

The 3rd section is the Permit section.  It gives you the address of the
project, name of the Owner and the contractor.

The Bid documents, plans and specs are in one location, which you will see when you first click the link.

There is one page that is updated daily with new projects, addendums, changes, etc.

Please feel free to call anytime if you have any questions.

We are open Monday - Thursday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.  However, we often check emails and phone messages on the off hours and days, so do leave a message or email if you need us.

Please, if you find a project that is no longer bidding, please bring it to our attention.  If the builder doesn't return our calls we don't know the project is done.


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